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What to do
  • Report

    Step 1.

    It’s easy to make your claim here at 3Insurance.se. We will send confirmation of your claim to your email address. If your device has been stolen or lost you must report it to the police first.

  • Stolen, lost or damaged

    Step 2.

    We will handle your claim and you will receive our decision within 3 working days. Remember to make a note of your claim reference number.

  • Repair

    Step 3.

    If your device is to be repaired:

    Take your device to a 3Store. It will be sent to a workshop where it will be examined to see what’s wrong. If your device can be repaired you pay your excess to our service partner via a payment link which will be sent to you by email. The repair work will start when the excess has been paid.

    • What to do if you don’t have a 3 store nearby:

      Contact 3’s customer service. If you are a private customer call 0771-735 300. If you are a business customer call 0771-735 311. You can also call 300 from your 3Mobile.

      Packaging and a consignment note will be sent to your home address.

      How to send in your device:

      • Read the checklist in the accompanying letter. Do you want to repair an iPhone/iPad with iOS7 or later software? Don’t forget to switch off ‘Find my iPhone’.
      • Sign the delivery receipt and retain one copy.
      • Place the device in the packaging and send it in.


      When your device has been repaired it will be sent to your home address COD. Repair work takes about 14 days from the time you send in your device. You will receive a text message when your package has been sent.

  • Pick up in 3Butik

    Step 4.

    Getting your device back

    You collect your device from the 3Store where you handed it in. If it was a case of theft/loss or if it was not possible to repair your device for some reason you pay the excess amount in the 3Store.

    • What to do if you do not have a 3Store nearby:

      If you do not have a 3Store nearby we can send your device to your home address. You must pay the excess before you receive the device.

      What to do if you want your device to be sent to your home address:

      Contact Aon, our insurance partner, on tel: 08-697 43 33 and tell them you have received approval but you have no 3Store nearby and so you would like to have your device sent to your home address.

      • Aon will create an invoice for your excess and send it to you by email.
      • When Aon has registered your payment they will place an order for a new device which will be sent to the address you gave when you made your claim.


      Please note that we only deliver to addresses within Sweden.

Contact 3Insurance.
Business hours Mon-Fri 8:30 - 17:00
Call us: 08 697 43 33
Mail us: tre@aon.se

Remember that your device is covered by a warranty. The warranty period varies between one and two years, which is indicated in the certificate of warranty that came with your product. Please note that the warranty does not cover damage which is the result of normal wear and tear, external damage or misuse.